3 Steps to Customer Loyalty

Every business that I’ve worked with seems to have the exact same mindset in common.  They close a deal and then rush off to focus their time, effort and money  on ‘New Business’ instead of spending the required time to Build and Nurture existing relationships with their clients.

Build, Nurture & Ask…

1) Build the relationship that you just started.  In this economy, there’s no doubt that consumers are more skeptical than ever before.  It is for that very reason that we MUST take the time to re-enforce the fact that they made an intelligent, responsible decision to invest in your products or service.

  1. a) Send a ‘Thank You’ letter – This might seem like ‘common sense’, but you would be surprised how many of our clients had no such system in place before we implemented it.
  2. b) Bounce Back Promo –Along with the ‘Thank You’ card, make sure you include a coupon, or some type of promotion.
  3. c) Social Media – This is a shocker coming from a Social Media company, right? Well, it’s a powerful tool. Get involved with your Fans.  Find out more about them and build trust. That’s a sure way to make your clients loyal to your brand.

2) Nurture- There’s an expression that I’ve picked up on: “It’s not your customer’s responsibility to remember you; it’s your responsibility to stay on top of their mind.” The key to this is consistency.  The size of the act doesn’t matter; it’s the act itself that matters.  Here are a few examples:

  1. a) Weekly Ezine – This can be put together for you very inexpensively. Send out something that might inspire them to call or come by. A few key things to remember: Keep it full of personality and fun! Don’t talk too much about your business.  They will realize that.  Capture their interest with stories.  “What happened last weekend?”
  2. b) Text Message Blast – Start an ‘opt-in’ list. Include ‘mobile number’ on your list of info you require from your clients. Use this tool to send quick messages, coupon codes, links to articles or other websites.  Get creative!
  3. c) Monthly Newsletter – Consider sending each client (even prospects) a physical newsletter via direct mail. It may get to be a little more expensive than the E-zine, however you have a ‘Sales Person’ showing up to talk to them every month. That ‘Sales Person’ can even ask for referrals!

3) Ask – If the #1 Rule in marketing is “Never be boring”, then the #2 rule MUST be, “Ask for the Sale”.  In this case, we can ask for the sale, ask for the opt-in, ask for them to sample… Don’t be shy and ASK!

Here are a few examples:

  1. Upsell – This is a biggy.  Every single purchase should be ‘bundled’.  Meaning, there should be other products or services that are offered at the time of purchase. (Would you like fries with that? – sound familiar?)
  2. Referrals – Do you have a solid, consistent referral strategy in place? Consider JV (Joint Venture) Partners, rewards programs, and offering Gifts as a few idea starters.
  3. Ask for them to come back. If you own a Salon, a Medical Practice, Barber Shop, Mechanic Shop…. Then you know that they need to come back again.  Make sure that you schedule their next appointment before leaving.  Give them a reminder card, email, text and possibly a postcard.

What would you add to this list? I’d like to hear from you 🙂