3Percent Leads: Talking About Data

There are three existing ways to automate the lead process: demographics, IP addresses, and following people. If choosing demographics, operators must make choices. The process of making choices inside demographic profiles creates many ways to produce data errors.

If using IP addresses, inaccuracies are built in. For example, I live in a 230 unit townhouse development. Two hundred or more of the people who live here probably use the same entrée onto the Internet: Comcast. We all have the same IP address! If someone inside my development is looking for health insurance, which person is researching that market?

The last way to automate the lead process is by following people on the Internet. The 3Percent Leads process is the only one in the world that follows people.

How does 3Percent Leads work?

It all starts with a transaction. We buy millions of daily transactions. At the transaction level two things happen: (1) we drop a permanent cookie into the user’s browser (unlike retargeting… which uses cookies that expire), and (2) an identifier (over 90% of the time an email address) gets passed back to us so we can have the ability to follow that person’s internet activity.

The other methods follow people anonymously. The 3Percent Leads method is the only one that allows for true personal marketing (although others claim to do that. We refute that claim because how can you market to an individual if the marketer only knows anonymous data?)

We are currently following around 125 million Americans. Projections are by the end of October that number will grow to over 200 million Americans (a deal has already been done to acquire additional followers and is currently in the testing phase before rolling it out). We buy between 15 and 25 billion data points per day on what those people are doing online. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning built into this SaaS (Software as a Service) system follows individuals and watches their URL activity, their search activity, social media interactions, campaign responses, etc.

The software becomes a prediction engine. We know the 3% of a total population that are actively pursuing a purchase of almost any product: business to business or business to consumer. We believe a built in competitive advantage happens with our customers because the software gives them the ability to predict which specific individuals are getting ready to buy its products or services.

How does it work? Three ways:

(1) keywords

(2) when possible, our customers upload the email addresses of their customers into the system and we go back in time to create a Path to Purchase (e.g. how our customer’s customers found our customer) (3) we ask our customers to place our smart pixel on every page of their website for a variety of technical reasons.

Every campaign is custom-built. Each takes around two weeks (plus or minus a little) to build. At that point we deliver targeted, scored leads weekly.

3Percent Leads creates a list of targeted leads that are ready to be marketed to. It is then up to our customer’s marketing to convert those leads into sales.

We believe in two universal truths: (1) success in business has a lot to do with knowing something your competitors do not know, and (2) it is significantly more effective to concentrate promotional efforts on the needles rather than on the haystack.

Benefits of the 3Percent Leads Solution:

1. 100% of all Commerce/Sales come from InMarket Prospects.

2. Permanent – You get full contact information and own and control your leads… plus no bots.

3. Portable to a variety of ad channels. Multi-touch and multi-device at Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Direct Mail and Outbound Call. Soon to come: Mobile and LinkedIn.

4. 100% Sales Match Accountability – which you cannot do with anonymous targeting if sales are closed offline.

5. Not Paying on Usage. Pay well below wholesale versus retail: you can lower first click cost by 50-75%.

6. Real Time Buying Behavior is a real profile and deserving of your ad spend versus using demographics, which is classically a waste of your ad spend.

7. Closed Loop Analysis – we measure our leads results. Therefore, we can constantly fine tune, grade and improve your InMarket Leads.

8. Custom Conversion Profile – custom behavioral profile of your buyers and how they respond to your conversion funnel and message.

9. Alert System – Know who is preparing to buy what you sell in real time… before your competition… including past customers.

10.  We find your ideal customer profile – your job is to market to them to make them sales ready.

If you want to explore how 3Percent Leads can tremendously grow your business, please contact me at chaibia@cssocialmedia.com or give me a call at 702 629 8368.