7 Steps To A Successful Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing can be time consuming and in most cases frustrating IF you do not have a clear vision of where you are going and a road-map to take you there. You also need tools to help you measure your efforts and make sure you are on a profitable path.

For it to be successful, your social media marketing strategy should entail the following steps:

Establishing your goals:

With a goal in mind, you can have an effective campaign that is going in the right direction

Knowing your audience:

This is key to knowing how, when and where to communicate with them

Identifying your voice:

Each brand has its own personality and voice, you need to put that in mind when creating content and engaging with your followers.

Identifying your tools and metrics:

You need to know what metrics to measure to show the success of your campaign, you will also need to be using few tools that will save you time and energy and make your efforts more effective.

Gathering sources for your content:

Knowing these sources in advance makes it easier to find relevant content for your posts as that is the part most businesses struggle with.

Creating a social media calendar:

Knowing the key dates during your campaign, make sure to create a social media marketing calendar for each and every social media platform. Everyone in your team should know what type of content to post, when and where.


Testing and measuring should be an ongoing process to identify what is working and what is not. This will allow you to adjust your plans as you go for maximum success.

I hope this short blog was helpful.

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