How to Get FREE Online Exposure Using “Google My Business “Tool

If you’re a business owner you know this fact: securing a premium visible real estate in the digital local space is mandatory to attract new customers and compete in your industry. The good news is that the landlord, “Google” is on your side and wants to help you be found by your prospective customers. Google has recently released, “Google My Business”, tool that’s designed to help you connect directly with customers whether they’re looking for you on Google search, maps or Google Plus.

  1. Go All-In: unlike in poker, when you go all-in with Google you always win. Make sure that your information is 100% complete; this is a big factor for ranking higher in the search results. Add a minimum of 10 high quality images, link to your YouTube channel to showcase your videos, write a compelling description containing keywords your customers use when searching for you, etc…
  2. Connect like you mean it: Google says it best “playing hard to get: good for dating, bad for business”. Customers are the most important asset in any business, so as a business owner striving to develop a good ongoing relationship with your clients should be a priority. Google My business makes it easier than ever for you to communicate with your customers by posting updates, sharing pictures, responding to customers’ feedback and even connecting to them face to face using Hangouts. The good news is that you get to do it all from one platform. You can also do it on the go by downloading the app on your smart device.
  3. Keep an active eye on your insights: Google My Business allows you to see the number of times your prospective customers find you on Google, click on your website and request driving directions to your location. It also allows you to see when your customers are getting directions to your business and where they’re coming from. Now that you know exactly how your target customers find your business and interact with your content, you can put your efforts in the right place to reach more of them.