How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Sell More!

If your business is not using Artificial Intelligence (AI) your competitors could be (or will be if you don’t get on board) eating your lunch. In today’s world of big data it is important to use the data that is available to fine tune your advertising and increase sales.

There are now tools available that can fine tune your potential target(s) using behavioral patterning. AI can not only identify who is in market shopping… but when they are getting ready to purchase a product or service that you sell. When researching companies that provide an AI tool keep the three keys below in mind as you evaluate your options and purchase the best tool to increase your advertising effectiveness. – Make sure the tool you pick can be used across a variety of digital channels. If you only advertise on one channel your cost-per-click can be held hostage and you can experience unexpected or planned for price increases. Also, your target will only see you on one channel; which does not provide the depth of a multi-channel campaign. – Does the tool expire? Find a product that does not expire. Many retargeting tools using AI use cookies that expire every four to six weeks. Depending on your sales cycle, this can be costly. – Check and see if the tool you are evaluating has a smart cookie. This cookie can be placed on your website to track what visits and sales are made using your AI tool. Would you like to see how a Harley Davidson dealer used an AI tool to grow its business? Click here to check it out.

If you have questions on how AI can work as a tool to help you grow your business, contact us today and get a FREE 20 minute consultation with either myself, Jill, Rex or Michelle. We would be HAPPY to help 🙂