Mile High Stadium Holds 76,125 People… We Know the 2,284 of Them Who Are Actively InMarket To Buy Your Product. Do You?

Success in business has a lot to do with knowing something others do not know. We can bring this distinctive competitive advantage to you.

Imagine if you knew the full contact information for every person who was InMarket, actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell. Every day your customers commit hundreds of behaviors pre-purchase… behaviors that leave irrefutable proof that they’re preparing to buy what you sell. Our software collects and analyzes these behaviors in order to generate for you all of your company’s InMarket leads.

If you had these InMarket leads delivered weekly, what would the economic upside be for your company?

In 2017, if you can’t afford to buy new customers, you no longer have a business. There are many things companies do to attract new business. Since the mid-1990’s, a primary growth component for many has been the internet. In 1993 there were only 26 websites. There were 10,000 websites by 1994. By 1998 there were millions. Today there are over five billion.

The majority of these websites were created to do one thing: attract new customers.

Hungry new leads that can be converted into new customers are the oxygen of any business.

Never before has there been a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that, with 100% accuracy, can tell a business owner one of the most valuable pieces of intelligence it could own: the identity of virtually everyone who is actively searching to purchase their product.

How? This SaaS tool is the first to combine two things: (1) 100% human behavior: it follows real people around the internet and, in effect, becomes a prediction engine of what that person intends to purchase, (B to C or B to B) and (2) ownership of the lead… you can market to the leads you acquire for as long as, and in any way, you desire.

You may be asking… why is human behavior important? Other lead generation technologies rely on demographics (where guesses must be made and accuracy suffers) or I.P. addresses… which are inherently inaccurate because dozens, or even hundreds, of people can have the same I.P. address.

We only follow people. If you currently advertise via pay-per-click at Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc… you are paying a heavy ‘bot fraud’ tax. Many experts believe the magnitude of this tax ranges from 25-40% of your total ad spend.

There are numerous benefits other your company gets by being part of this program. Among them are:

·     50-75% lower first click cost if your company is utilizing tools like Google AdWords or Facebook ads

·     Higher conversion rates than you would otherwise expect because you are only showing ads to highly targeted audiences who have already expressed an interest in your product(s)

·     The leads are portable to a variety of channels

·     If you upload your sales back to us… we can give you 100% sales match accountability (you no longer need to worry whether or not your ads are working… you will know!)

·     Real time buyer behavior

·     Your ideal customer profile becomes known

·     Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools are the future state of lead generation. GenSales can offer them to you, plus the power of big data, now

Our tool is a unique integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that provides accurate and timely market responses. This tool… combined with your converting sales funnel, will give you a competitive advantage… every day!

Want to learn more? Send me an email at or give me a call/ text at 702 629 8368.