Th Benefits Of 3Percent Leads

Benefits of the our 3Percent Leads Solution:

1. 100% of all Commerce/Sales come from InMarket Prospects.

2. Permanent – You get full contact information and own and control your leads… plus no bots.

3. Portable to a variety of ad channels. Multi-touch and multi-device at Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Direct Mail and Outbound Call. Soon to come: Mobile and LinkedIn.

4. 100% Sales Match Accountability – which you cannot do with anonymous targeting if sales are closed offline.

5. Not Paying on Usage. Pay well below wholesale versus retail: you can lower Google Adwords pay-per-click first click cost by 50-75%.

6. Real Time Buying Behavior is a real profile and deserving of your ad spend versus using demographics, which is classically a waste of your ad spend.

7. Closed Loop Analysis – we measure our leads results. Therefore, we can constantly fine tune, grade and improve your InMarket Leads.

8. Custom Conversion Profile – custom behavioral profile of your buyers and how they respond to your conversion funnel and message.

9. Alert System – Know who is preparing to buy what you sell in real time… before your competition… including past customers.

10. We find your ideal customer profile – your job is to market to them to make them sales ready.