The 3 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Facebook

You know that as a small business you need to be on Facebook. However, that is not the end of the story. There is actually such a thing as Facebook etiquette, and if you are not following it, you may be doing more harm to your business than good. These are the top three mistakes small businesses make on Facebook. Are you guilty?

1)They Talk About Themselves

Believe it or not, your Facebook posts should not be all about you. Sure, you are ultimately on Facebook to grow sales, but that should not be obvious from your postings. The true purpose of Facebook is to build trust with your followers. You need to engage them and keep them interested. If they wanted to be sold on your product or service, they would visit your website. On Facebook, you should be posting funny anecdotes, humorous pictures, and helpful articles, all with your target demographic in mind. Once a week you can post something to promote yourself, but no more than this, unless you want to drop followers like flies.

2)They Post Too Often

Unlike Twitter, your Facebook posts have a relatively long shelf life: They will usually be seen by people for up to 24 hours. Of course, it does depend on how many other businesses and friends they regularly follow. If you are posting more than twice a day, you may be alienating your followers. They don’t want their news feed to be overflowing with information from you, no matter how valuable it is.

3)They Don’t Interact

Facebook is not a once per day thing. Yes, that is how much you should be posting new content; however, you also need to be interacting with any comments or questions that post should bring in. You need to show your followers that there is a real person behind the page. Always “like” every comment you get, just to acknowledge that you saw it. Additionally, if you have anything genuine to say in response, say it. But always keep your professionalism in mind, since your Facebook page is a huge part of your branding.

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